in transition

Fostering lives of independence and betterment


Give high school special needs students and parents the supplemental education and resources necessary to foster lives of independence and betterment


in transition is a student run non-profit organization based in Utah Valley.  We partner with local high schools, teaching supplementary classes to their special needs students to help them prepare for the transition out of high school.  Additionally, we partner with post-high school special needs programs to help our high school students identify the most fitting path after high school, catered to their individual needs. 


We're passionate about helping students and their parents successfully navigate the transition period and fully believe in every student's capability to succeed.  We currently offer three supplemental courses as detailed below:

Vocational preparation

Whether your student is on the severe or mild side of the special needs spectrum, we help them develop the skills necessary to seek and gain meaningful employment.  We believe that, with the right guidance and skill set, each and every student has the ability to earn gainful occupational experiences.

Independence in the home

We help students develop the skills necessary to live independently in their families' homes.  Cooking, cleaning, laundry, and other such skills appear simple, but are essential to functional independence.  Learning these skills better prepare students to live independently, whether their end-goal is complete independence or independence in a family home setting.

Understanding benefits & resources

Half the battle of successfully navigating transition is understanding the government benefits and post-high resources available to your students.  We help parents understand the benefits at their disposal and identify post-high resources that fit the individualized needs of their student

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